Changing Your Nameservers

A very quick tutorial to show you how to change your nameservers so you can start using SyteSpace's services.

To best utilise your Web Hosting with SyteSpace we recommened you to change your Nameservers to our nameservers, If you know how to do this, great! Change your domain's name servers to &

This tutorial however, will cover how to change your nameservers to our nameservers, for this example we will be using Namecheap as our domain provider. We recommend NameCheap and we even use it for most of our domains!

Once you have obtained your domain, navigate to your account's dashboard and select your domain, on NameCheap select the highlighted "Manage" Button.

Once clicked you should come to a page that looks similiar to this.

Next, click where it says "Namecheap BasicDNS", click on it and select "Custom DNS".

Once you have selected "Custom DNS" you will need to enter in the nameservers that should have been sent to your email, with the rest of your Web Hosting account information. Most of the time it'll be &

Once you have entered your nameservers, click the little green check mark.

Once you have done this, you are all set! Nameservers can take a while to change, it all depends on your domain provider. Check back regularly, using tools like whois to see if your nameserver change has been registered.

If they have changed to SyteSpace's nameservers all aspects of your Web Hosting should work seemlessly, if you have any further problems get in contact with our support team via our discord.