Email Addresses

A tutorial and walk-through of how our email addresses work here at SyteSpace.

When purchasing a web hosting plan with us, one of the features included are email addresses. Our email addresses are super easy to use, in this tutorial we will be going through different aspects of our email addresses.

1) Nameserver Setup

If you haven't already you will need to make sure you have your domain's nameservers pointing towards our servers using the two nameservers... Once this is setup, all aspects of your domain including emails should work flawlessly with our system. Alternatively, you can setup MX records pointing to your domain (make a ticket for support with this).

2) Email Address Creation

You can create your email address in two place, either on the CPanel or directly in our Client Area. To make your email address on our Client Area, simply navigate to your products and select your active hosting product. You should see the following, insert the email address and desired password and click create. This will automagically make your email address on the CPanel also, allowing for further configuration.

To make your email address on your CPanel page, simply log into your cpanel and go to the search bar at the top of the page. And search for "Email", select "Email Accounts" and press the orange create button.

Once you have done either one of these, your email address will be created on our system.

3) Logging in & Using your email address

You can login to your email address by going to or by adding the subdomain "mail" to your domain, eg "". Once you are here, type in your email address and the password you chose during the email address setup.

Alternatively, you can setup your email addres with a 3rd party email client. In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to do this using an email client called "Mailspring" its fully opensource and easy to use!

You can install MailSpring here, install on your ossociated os. When prompted with the Add Account Screen, select "IMAP/SMTP"

Make sure to select IMAP/ SMTP

Once you have selected "IMAP/ SMTP" you will be taken to a screen where you will need to enter your Name, Password & Email Address. Enter the details which we have made in the step beforehand.

When you have done this, you will be shown where you will need to enter your IMAP/ SMTP outgoing and incoming mail server information. Make sure you follow and enter everything correctly here, otherwise it will not work.

For both the Incoming & Ourgoing Mail Server enter your domain with the subdomain "mail", eg. "". (This will only work if your domain is using our nameservers, if they are not please contact support for help via our discord). Set the incoming port as "993" and the Security as "SSL/TLS" Set the outgoing port as "465" and the Security as "SSL/TLS", (This part is important to get right as these are not the default settings) And Finally, enter your email address under "Username" and the password you setup for your email address in the password section for both incoming and outgoing mail.

If you have done all of the steps above correctly, you should be all setup! If you have any issues or are stuck contact our support team via our discord for assistance.